Railings and Fences

Mapier Group presents new and exclusive systems of railings and fences, with various designs, from classic to contemporary, with a wide possibility of solutions and combinations of customization that goes from the most simple and linear to the most complex, according to the needs of all types of customers. Simplicity, clean design and wide possibilities of personalization, in addition to the low cost and the ease of assembly and maintenance. Mapier Group provides to designers and / or end customers its expertise, creating a range of railings with excellent performances.

About us:

Mapier Group is a manufacturing company, whose origins date back to 1874. It has a solid experience in the industry of curtain walls, ventilated walls, coatings with every kind of panel, sunscreen louvers, metallic structures, windows and doors. The products of Mapier Group, always aiming to innovation, meet clients’ needs through customized solutions.

Mapier Group provides a structure able to offer the best technical support, complete with technical files, product samples, reliefs on the building site, supply, installation, post-sales service and everything you could possibly need for the best execution of the work. Adopting advanced technology for each stage of production, Mapier Group achieved the important goal of the Quality Certification according to the European standards ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2 (welding).

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Why Aluminum?

◦ Quality

◦ Life

◦ Endurance

◦ Lightness

◦ Recyclability

◦ Esthetics

◦ Versatility

◦ Customization

◦ Price

◦ Functionality

◦ Simplicity
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