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Since 2007 Showroom Partners has been a valuable resource for anyone seeking to improve their home. Architects, home builders, designers, and home owners alike, all have a centralized location here to review premium products that have been tested over time. The products you find on Showroom Partners are from leading manufacturers and distributers. Many of the products we have installed and sold over the years.

We advertise for many of the nations top building product manufacturers. If you are a manufacturer of premium products then we invite you to join us. We want everything to build a complete home on Showroom Partners. A place where the consumer can research multiple products to include in their new construction or home improvement projects. Subscribe to our
YouTube Entertainment channel where you will love our intuitive and entertaining videos.

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Ready to join one of the best marketing platforms available? Showroom Partners is the affordable resource that you will love! Our advertisers come back year after year because of the unique way we promote their products. Not to mention it costs only pennies a day to join.

We promote your products non-stop to our huge audience on social media and here on the award winning Showroom Partners website. Our team creates animated videos that are not only intuitive, but always include just a bit of humor. We also provide you with professional spokesmodel videos and everything is done in stunning HD quality.

We also add your products to our Houzz and Pinterest pages and our blog for even greater exposure. We have over 70,000 followers combined on Twitter, Face Book, LinkedIn and more. Our subscribers continue to grow on YouTube where we have over a thousand videos featuring the products.


"Very impressed. This is the freshest and most innovative business I have seen in a very long time. I've been in this business for over thirty years and it's not easy to impress me. The site is so far reaching that it may take me some time to fully appreciate its usefulness."

Richard Ellis
Commercial/Contractor Sales Manager, Menards, Salina, KS

Icynene is proud to collaborate with Showroom Partners to educate savvy homeowners about the immediate and long-term performance advantages of spray foam insulation. As a modern insulation solution, homeowners are becoming more educated about the superior performance properties and benefits that spray foam offers them and their family. Showroom Partners plays an important role in this education and we're delighted with the results!

Anthony Naimo
Marketing Communications and Public Relations Manager

"Great showroom! I feel like I am at IBS."

Les Letlow The Letlow Co., LLC Design-Build Specialist & Life Director with NAHB.

"The professionalism and creativity at Showroom Partners is wonderful. Their videos are great at addressing the challenges a consumer faces when considering a remodel project. It is always a pleasure to see what they come up with next!"

Andrew Dey - Digital Marketing Coordinator, IHP, Santa Ana, Ca

"I was delighted to find the Showroom Partners website, in it I found a great selection of elegant high end treatments that are sure to help give any project of mine, large or small, a very elegant high-end touch. I'll certainly be referencing this website again and again."

Joe Allen in Tomball, TX

"Your website is very helpful to me and my clients as they can go directly to manufacturer links and see products and options unfiltered. Clients want detailed background information on the products they buy. A very helpful educational and sales tool."

Jim Graham-Yooll

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing Showroom Partners to the building community. This resource is a real asset for our company and our clients. To have all this information in one centralized location makes the selection process for builder and client that much easier. Keep up the good work."

John K. Ronay Owner Blue Moon Construction, LLC

"Over the past few years this site has serviced the builder or end user very well. This is an easily navigated site that allows for a complete review of a number of items used in the building or remodeling of a home. It allows these users the opportunity to highlight the diversity of design, combination of product integration, and completeness of the installation process. I would highly recommend the use of this site to any builder or consumer. It assists in the process for successfully completing the building or remodeling with any of the products represented. I have had a number of customers state that this gives them an opportunity to see the different selections available to them for their specific projects."

Jim Davis

"At the end of 2014 Johns Manville began a partnership with Anchor Insulation as their main fiber glass insulation supplier.  After meeting Victor through Anchor and seeing his work I immediately knew it was a no brainer to join Showroom Partners." 
"Our entire marketing department was floored by what our modest investment returned. Within the first couple weeks several impressive videos were ready to go promoting our products and the professional installation available from Anchor." 
"He continues to exceed expectations with his dedication and marketing efforts. I would absolutely recommend Showroom Partners as a fantastic tool for both vendors and consumers."

Brian Castiglione
Johns Manville Insulation    

"For the past 10 years building single family homes in the Bethesda area, I have been following the advice of my rep at Showroom Partners when purchasing gas and electric fireplaces, mantles, surrounds, hearths, shower doors, mirrors and whole house insulation, including rigid foam spray.

The Showroom Partners website has been a great resource as I can easily refer my home buyers to it. They like it because it helps them make intelligent choices. They can read about the products, obtain brochures, watch videos and then choose. Shower doors, fireplaces and mantles are especially easy for buyers to select from the wide range of photos. Showroom Partners has been a great resource for me and my homebuyers. Keep up the good work at Showroom Partners."

Carole Sherman, Bethesda Too, LLC

Showroom Partners is one of the best marketing platforms out there. A very fresh approach to promoting your company and products. We couldn't be happier with the exposure that Showroom Partners has provided for Fi-Foil and our products.
I would highly recommend this for any company.

Michael Hayes
Vice President of Sales Fi-Foil Co, Inc.

We recently signed on to Showroom Partners and are we happy we did! Vic immediately did four very creative videos for us to use to promote ourselves and had our listing up with a nice promo video in a matter of days. He has also been promoting us on his social media platforms and suggesting ways for us to promote ourselves. We are looking forward to a long partnership with Vic and Showroom partners. It is not often that you "get your money's worth" but we have already gotten that and much more. I think the Showroom Partners platform is great for both consumers and sellers. Thank you Vic☺

James Price
Fallbrook, CA

"Working with Showroom Partners has been a great digital marketing investment. They're easy, courteous and professional to work with, turning around high-quality content quickly and promoting it effectively across the online space. They really are partners in promoting our products and brand. Thanks Showroom Partners!"

Lauren Redman | Dimplex | Marketing Communications Manager

"We have been very impressed with the online resources Showroom Partners provides. Their website is easy to navigate and provides great content for homeowners. With a solid social media presence, partnering with Showroom Partners has helped to spread awareness of our brand and products online."

Jake Picken
Digital Marketing Specialist
/ Wayne Dalton